What is a live casino

In Running Baccarat is a baccarat variant offered at some Playtech live dealer casinos like Casino Tropez. It is not offered at regular online casinos that are based on the Random Number Generator. This variant is called In Running Baccarat because players can place wagers at intermediate stages in the dealing process, somewhat similar to Texas Hold'em Poker. However the rules are very complicated and this is the most difficult variation of baccarat to understand. In Running Baccarat starts like the standard online variant of the game. The player can bet on Banker, Player or Tie Bet, or a combination of these. The player can refrain from making the intermediate bets in which case the game would also end in the same way as the standard variant. Things begin to get different after the dealer deals the first card to the Player hand. Depending on the card dealt, game odds and handicap values for the Player and Banker wins are displayed and the player has the option of placing a further bet on any of these two positions at the revised terms. The earlier wagers will stand. Then the dealer deals the first card to the Banker. Again fresh game odds and handicap values for the Player and Banker wins are displayed. Again the player can place a wager on the Player or Banker Hand. This process continues till the baccarat game is concluded in the normal manner. Players will need to understand how the handicaps and odds work. The handicap system is based on the Asian double handicaps common in sports betting. The weaker position is given a positive handicap and the stronger position is given a negative handicap. If based on the cards dealt so far the Player position is weaker, then the Player may be given a handicap of +1. This means that the final hand value of the player will be enhanced by 1 before being compared with the final hand value of the dealer. During the In Running bets the Player and the Banker positions are given two handicap values each. If the Player position is stronger then the handicaps may be represented as (-0.5)(-1.0) for a bet on Player wins. The player's In Running bet is split into two parts and each part is independently settled. Each part of the bet pays 1 to 1 if it wins, pushes if there is a tie and is forfeited if it loses. Suppose that the Player's final hand value is 6. Then for the purposes of comparison it will be treated as 5.5 for the first bet and 5.0 for the second bet based on the above given handicaps. If the Banker's final hand value is 5, then the first bet wins and the second bet ties. Before the payouts are made the odds are applied. Along with the hand value the odds are displayed. Suppose the odds given for the above situation are 0.94, the winning payout has to be multiplied by 0.94. If the In Running bet was $5, then each part of the bet would be $2.50. The first bet has won and therefore the payout is $2.50 multiplied by 1 multiplied by 0.94, or $2.35, plus the original wager of $2.50, making a total of $4.85. Since the second bet ties, the bet of $2.50 is returned to the player. Therefore the combined wager of $5 results in a payout of $7.35.